C’est normal, il est tricoté avec la “Bossa-Nova” (50% Bambou et 50% Lin)

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  1. cheap auto inurance in Sugar Land a écrit:

    enygma:We are using Postfix as our backend mail server, yes. However, SpamAssassin isn’t hooked in to the server; I’m using it as a standalone check, called from my procmail scripts.Popfile looks like a Bayesean filter, similar to Spamprobe. Two problems for me would be a) it doesn’t support IMAP (which I use) and b) it’s acts as a proxy server between your mail client and your “real” server.IMAP is a must-have for me, so that alone would stop me from checking it out. I’m sure that the proxy aspect is what is slowing them from adding IMAP support (which I see is on their roadmap).

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